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MpayMe, Hong Kong, China


International Business Links (IBL) has undertaken a new project with MPayMe, developers of the highly acclaimed ZNAP platform for mobile payments and loyalty.  MPayMe has chosen IBL to advise on its strategy for the Insurance sector. ZNAP enables customers to make secure payments on their smartphones and is the most highly featured system yet available in the rapidly growing mobile payments sector.  Under the contract, MPayme has retained IBL to assist with strategy and market development in several European theatres.

Tony Ferguson, CEO, IBL said: “ZNAP is an exciting innovation for insurers that will allow them to offer early fulfilment to customers across multiple channels including mobile, online, print and physical location.  It offers significant advantages in Renewals where it will provide insurers with a competitive edge that is highly cost effective, while tapping into the rapidly growing trend to make payment using a mobile phone”.

About MPayMe        
MPayMe is an international business technology company. Founded in 2010, MPayMe has developed ZNAP, an innovative mobile business platform.  The ZNAP platform optimises transactions through the bundling of secure multi-channel mobile payments with value added solutions such as loyalty integration, business intelligence, geolocation in-app consumer communication, offer marketing and much more. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in US, Europe, Asia and Japan, MPayMe will start operating its platform in different countries starting from July 2013 with well-known merchants and partners. MPayMe solutions are designed around the needs of merchants and consumers, in order to add value and solve real business problems. For more information visit http://www.mpayme.com


MS Windscreens, London, UK

MS Windscreens

MS Windscreen Ltd has been launched in the UK to provide an innovative windscreen insurance product and associated replacement and repair services. IBL has been significantly involved throughout, providing market analysis, strategy and promoting the concept within Lloyd’s of London.

MS Windscreens will offer a windscreen insurance product backed by Lloyd’s which will incorporate a high quality service with competitive pricing. The product will be distributed over the internet, primarily through the websites of partners who will offer cover direct to the consumer and via broker platforms. The product will be attractive to those consumers who choose third party or TPFT (third party, fire and theft) policies. It can be equally attractive to holders of comprehensive insurance where the level of excess effectively means that there is no coverage for glass damage.

About MS Windscreens        
MS Windscreens is a startup designed to bring innovation into the windscreen insurance market in UK. After a detailed analysis of the market, MS Windscreens has designed a new product which will be attractive to consumers and distributors for three main reasons:
1 It is backed by Lloyd’s of London;
2 It is competitively priced;
3 It includes a superior replacement service provided through Nationwide Windscreen Services.


Data Fusion International, Dublin, Ireland

Data Fusion International

Working under the Enterprise Ireland Business Accelerator programme, Datafusion International retained IBL to develop a strategy for the development of international business in the Financial Services sector.

Datafusion provides Infinity, an innovative search engine which builds a single, composite view of the customer/ suspect from a multiplicity of structured and unstructured data sources, including social media and OSI (Open systems Intelligence). IBL conducted a Strategy and Market Propositions workshop which not only created an international strategy but also re-aligned marketing and development activities in support of the new strategy.

“I should also note the success of the workshop, and the usefulness of the outputs in helping DFI to focus our immediate future.  Thanks to your careful, inclusive facilitation, and provocative direction, I believe we now have a practical proposition to take to market – and to drive our technology development and marketing objectives.   Thank you for your guidance on this deliverable – great to get such early return on our investment!” 

John Collins
Datafusion International

Unirisx, Philadelphia, USA


Unirisx are a provider of a SaaS based platform for Policy Administration in General Insurance, including Lloyd’s and the London Market.

IBL has expanded the Unirisx client base from a starting point of three small UK clients to an acknowledged position of international leadership which today sees Unirisx operating in over 20 countries around the globe. This has included the acquisition of new clients on a “1st-sale-in-country” basis in US, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE and Puerto Rico.

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