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Expertise and experience go hand in hand. The lack of one seriously undermines the value of the other. ASTEC has continuously built on its expertise and experience over more than 25 years.

ASTEC evolved through an MBO from Eircom plc and has continuously provided the necessary skills and expertise to clients looking to develop strategies to maintain and create a competitive edge in a rapidly changing business environment.

ASTEC is now the only Irish lead contractor for the EC external services framework. Working in Lot 3, ASTEC has consistently been the top performer for the last 10 years, both in terms of value and volume.


Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland

IBL have been approved by Enterprise Ireland to provide services under Enterprise Ireland’s  Business Accelerator programme. Enterprise Ireland define a “Business Accelerator” as follows:

“A Business Accelerator is an industry expert within a specific sector and market, with the experience, knowledge and contacts to support a company’s expansion and development into an export market.
In-market Business Accelerators come from the front lines of industry worldwide, with the relevant sales and marketing experience to advise and guide Irish companies to accelerate their growth in the market and build scale.
Business Accelerators are chosen on the basis of their extensive industry experience and track record of success, and includes:

To read more about Enterprise Ireland’s Business Accelerator programme and to check qualification rules, go to:


Bid Dynamics

BID Dynamics

Bid Dynamics

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From PQQ to BAFO
From back-of-envelope first draft to polished Executive Summary
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